Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BlackBerry Messenger in the AppStore April 26th!

BlackBerry Messenger is a nifty application for anyone wishing to stay in touch easily, but the application has a major drawback: it is currently only available on BlackBerry. And inevitably, all of our friends have not necessarily decided on a mobile phone from RIM, it is not so practical. Fortunately, recent rumors indicate that the BlackBerry Messenger could soon land on the AppStore to allow us to benefit from the application on the iPhone and iPod Touch.When? April 26 ...

How do we know? In fact, a visitor had the opportunity to attend a conference organized by RIM's Jim Balsillie and Toronto (CEO of the firm) that would have released the information. Note that this is not the first time we hear about the thing, the guys at BGR had even published an article of its kind in early. Except that so far we do not know if the rumor were true, certainly, but we knew nothing about the release date for the BlackBerry Messenger on IOS.
However, it should be noted is that according to BGR, the BlackBerry Messenger could also reach the Market and tumble and our dear androphones. However, it is stated that Jim Balsillie did not reveal any information about it. Date provided by the Internet, that of April 26, only applies to the IOS version of the application. We do not know when the tool could reach the Market.
For those who have never had the opportunity to put their fingers on BlackBerry Messenger, you just know that this communication tool allows complete BlackBerry users to discuss among themselves and in groups, certainly, but also to get laid images, videos and even audio. Yes, but all these functions may be available on IOS and Android, so do not lead all the champagne-de-suite.
If this rumor is true and the BlackBerry Messenger ends well by arriving on iOS and Android, so this will be a godsend for RIM, who can then reach a new audience and, who knows, maybe even attract new customers in its nets . In all cases, we will not fail to note that the Canadian manufacturer seems determined to play the card of the opening. Between that and the arrival of Android applications on the playbook, one can even say that is radically changing strategy.


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