Thursday, March 31, 2011

No BlackBerry Messenger iPhone iOS?

We posted an article yesterday , it was thought that RIM would soon offer its BlackBerry Messenger on IOS. Inevitably, the champagne began to flow afloat but we may have to wait because RIM has just deny the rumor. It's sad but the messaging software integrated with mobile manufacturer should not land on April 26 iOS neighbor as we thought.This does not mean, of course, that never happens,...

Too hard. Remember, it all started with a message posted on the MacRumors forum. A surfer has indeed reported participating in a conference organized by RIM in Toronto, during which conference the CEO of the company would announce the next port of BlackBerry Messenger on iOS. On paper, everything seemed coherent, logical, but in reality it was just blank. And yes, for not only the Canadian manufacturer has totally denied the report but also RIM has not held any such conference in Toronto lately.
But be careful because there is all-in-a glimmer of hope. For indeed, when you think about everything that was said the firm is that BlackBerry Messenger iOS not come out on April 26 but did not say it will never happen, eh ... But I completely agree with the guys at GottabeMobile on this one, I do think that BlackBerry Messenger is more likely to land on Android than IOS. Why? Just because RIM increasingly interested in this platform.


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