Sunday, March 27, 2011

The iPhone 5 for this summer? iOS 5 postponed until Fall?

Many people thought the announcement of the Apple iPad 2 would also immediately give details about IOS 5. But that was not there. Possible reason: Apple would delay the launch of IOS 5 until next autumn. TechCrunch has heard from two reliable sources. If the rumors are true, Apple first differs from the practice of a major update to IOS at the beginning of the summer to give, just before the launch of the new iPhone.


Since the launch of the iPad two passed, there will be another event in April (on MobileMe ). Then we wait for the WWDC developer conference in June. TechCrunch thinks, however, that the latest IOS version not yet released will be around that period.

The reason that the launch continues, may have to do with plans to IOS features all types of online giving, with various services that use them. Think of a music locker where you can store music online, so you need less local storage. During the keynote at WWDC Apple will then first talk about the cloud services. Besides music, there would be a location service can be added, aimed at immediate friends and relatives. In addition, in the latest version of Mac OS X (Lion) also added new cloud services.

All these improvements could explain the delay on the next version of IOS. Ca, but also the fact that Mac OS X Lion would normally land this summer. And both say that if the next version of the operating system embedded in our iDevices offers the "cloud", while Mac OS X Leo could play too map of dematerialization. In this context, it is done all at the interests of reducing output iOS 5. It is ultimately the entire ecosystem of the firm who may be adversely disrupted.
Finally, the strategic and marketing, this delay could also render great service to Apple. If the latest rumors about the date iPhone 5 are based, and if it looks like two drops of water in the iPhone 4, then the firm will find good arguments for us to push out the card.Anyway, to end these new rumors, it is stated that according to the guys at TechCrunch, there is not iOS 5 that could emerge in the fall of 2011. No, Apple could also take the opportunity to launch an iPad ... 3 ...


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