Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dream Board: theme application as an alternative to winter board

Winter in jail breakers board has no introduction. This is the most famous theme application for the iPhone, created by Jay Freeman (Saurik). dream board is trying to offer an alternative to this, with a theme of Android is derived. Dream Board place an Android OS-theme with calendar and weather box on your home screen. 

The application buttons are available at the bottom. Besides the appearance shown more can you apply themes. dream board is available through Cydia Store. If you use it, then let us know in the comments what your experience in relation to its Winter Board.

If you are only interested in changing your font, you can also look at the Cydia tweak font swap . This has just been updated and now supports IOS 4.3. On the iPhone you can only change the font in the Note app change, but for other applications you need to perform a jailbreak font swap is available free via Cydia Store.



Can't find any themes for it yet. Doesn't even COME with another theme. Useless until community creates themes for it.

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