Friday, March 18, 2011

Unlock iPhone Bluetooth - Demonstration video of Celeste

Celeste the iPhone jailbreak tweak that will unlock your Bluetooth iDevice capabilities. It will be available March 22 on the Cydia Store by the development team Cocoanuts.

As a reminder, Celeste will not be a separate application, but integrates directly with IOS. It will therefore be present within applications required as a button, allowing you to share all kind of files with other phones, computers ... etc..
the tweak will be compatible with all sub iDevices iOS 4.x. We also learn that Celeste will synchronize the contents of your media with iTunes via Bluetooth iDevice, through the Library Gremlin comes with Celeste. In addition, music and videos received via Bluetooth are automatically opened with the iPod application of IOS, as if the media content had been downloaded directly from the iTunes Store.


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