Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thunderbolt :The new Apple iPhone connector

 This week Apple introduced a new connector in its new line of MacBook Pro with which he intends to unify its connections to peripherals such as screens, called Thunderbolt . Its main feature is the speed of connection that allows this type of connection and offers a data transfer TAS higher than its predecessor, the display port.


As you can see from the pictures (after the jump) these connectors based on the architecture of PCI Express display port and allow high-speed connection for devices like external hard drives, video capture and network interfaces, and provides up to 10 watts power to external devices connected.

Thunderbolt in the new MacBook Pro

Thanks to the connection speed Thunderbolt will adapt to the demands of the professional sector, photography, design, increasing productivity with the speed and ease of use with these connectors.
In addition, rumors suggest that Apple could replace the 30-pin connector in the connector device IOS Thunderbolt . This would increase exponentially the synchronization of data between IOS devices and desktops or laptops from Apple.


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