Thursday, February 24, 2011

MacBook Pro 15-inch model specifications unveiled?

The new MacBook Pro 15-inch board and a Core i7 running at 2 GHz with 6 MB cache, 4 GB of RAM to 1333 MHz, a graphics processor Intel Graphics HD 3000 and ATI Radeon HD 6490M with 256 MB memory. The weight and screen resolution of the MacBook Pro remains the same, so they would leave on the 1440 by 900, the same resolution as the MacBook Air 13 inch. The other news is of course the appearance of the Thunderbolt, the integration of a card reader and a webcam SDXC "FaceTime HD.

New Macbook Pro

Of Course still more to know if this information is based, of course, but also and especially at what price will be offered this MacBook Pro. On this point, frankly, the addition may be rather salty.Apple has indeed acquired the habit of inflating the prices of machines shipping Core i7 and from my point of view, a model of this kind will probably not be offered below 1,800 euros. Note to all-that-even that is a guess, eh, but I do not see the Cupertino propose a MacBook Pro 15-inch.
Obviously, if you already have a MacBook Pro 15-inch i5 at home, this update does not particularly interest you. Well, there might well Thunderbolt make you want to splurge but the best is still to wait a bit and see what the practical applications of the latter. We do not know because what Apple is going to propose that side.
But ultimately, the most infuriating is the lack of SSD. Certainly, the Core i7 is a power monster, the Radeon HD 6490 is not bad either, but it is dwarfed a good SSD. Not to mention transfer speed, do not forget because a laptop is built for travel and that mechanical hard drives are extremely fragile. Of course, Apple will certainly not likely to provide options that go well but we already know the cost of recent ...


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