Sunday, February 27, 2011

Find my Mac reference found in OS X 10.7 Lion

In the beta version of OS X 10.7 Lion earlier this week has been released to Mac developers is a reference to Find my Mac. Owners of an iPhone or an iPad already have this free service, which allows to easily find your lost or stolen iDevice traceren.Veel to features you already on the iPad will find you this summer found in OS X 10.7 Lion Find my Mac is one of them.

Find my Mac

Using the service can not only remotely MacBook Pro / Air track but locked against improper use or possibly the entire system remotely delete. The system files of OS X 10.7 are found references to the Find My Mac service is not in the developer version, but which you might conclude that Apple has internally this function is testing.
Before Find my iPhone is released as free service for the iPhone and iPad are in 2009 already found references to the service in the beta 3 version of IOS. It lasted until November 2010 before the service for free Find my iPhone was available in IOS 4.2.
The Find My Mac service is portable to all Mac users as an essential addition iPhones next MacBooks prove very popular with rascals. That is precisely track will be slightly harder because MacBooks do not have a GPS function but via a network (WiFi) connection is also possible as the WiFi-only iPad.FindmyMac exists already as a free PHP script, but that software developers can already start looking for a different name.


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