Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPhone fixed transaction fee payment service Square in late fall !

Are you market trader, shopkeeper or other small independent, it can be handy for payment of Square. You plug a device into the headset jack of your iPhone and can start accepting credit card payments. Square announced today a measure that could make them even more popular. The additional transaction fee of $0.15 will be too fell. Sellers only pay a commission rate on top of the transaction amount. That percentage is also increased from 2.5 to 2.75%, taking the service has become more interesting for small transactions. Square is so still cheaper than those achieved by most credit card companies charge.

Intuit competitor GoPayment also calculates 2.75% but still requires additional transaction fee of $ 0.15. At Squared is also possible for credit card details manually typing without the map by a slot. You pay 3.5% plus $ 0.15, while at 3.7% plus $ 0.15 GoPayment lost. Companies can request a free card reader that they can connect their iPhone



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