Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apple's secret meeting on Sunday !

 we like secrets and whispering. It is an interesting strategic choice, which probably contributed greatly to the popularity of Apple . But in fact, just imagine that Apple has summoned some of his employees in a secret meeting next Sunday. Even as they have were forced to sign a confidentiality clause in order to attend. Suffice to say that something is getting ready, but one wonders what.

New Macbook Pro

Inevitably, speculation is rife and according to Apple Insider , the meeting could be an opportunity for Apple to prepare for the upcoming launch of new products. On this side, it is true that opportunities are not lacking, we think especially with new MacBook Pro or to the iPad 2 . For the iPhone 5, it is still a little early so there is little chance that the Cupertino company is planning a meeting on this issue so soon. That said, we will not fail to note that we are still awaiting the release of the iPhone 4 white ...
Another assumption seems to be emerging on the horizon. Instead of preparing to launch a new product, the leaders of the firm may have simply called their employees to discuss the future of society. Let us recall fact that Steve Jobs is not in top form, known as oncologists have given a few weeks to live and it is therefore necessary to consider now a strategy to ensure the sustainability of the brand. Of course, some will undoubtedly argue that it's a bit early to bury the founder of Apple, but shareholders are usually rather conservative people.
However, it is important to note that employees called to this strange appointments are part of the branch "retail" . And in good French, "retail" , it means "slate" ... Oh no, My Google Translation became entangled brushes, in fact it means "retail" . The hypothesis of the guys at Apple Insider could be verified. What is certain in any case is that if you intend to buy a product soon rounded, it is better to wait a little longer to see more clearly.
Oh and just for those who would want to come whining to me saying that the rumors relay is useless, I just wanted to say two things ... The first is that it's part of the current high tech.The second is that you got a lot of people who are not necessarily aware of what kind of stuff, and it's important for them to spread the word story they do not buy a product that is already exceeded or will be soon.


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