Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Enjoy AirPlay Video Features on Android with VLC Share Stream

Despite its limitations, AirPlay is a promising technology that easily overcomes all these unsightly cables. Obviously, we would like to enjoy on Google Android and those with androphone the bottom of the pocket will probably be happy to learn it is perfectly possible. How? With a little elbow grease and a dedicated solution: VLC Share stream . Although it is fairly comprehensive and might be of interest to all those who have a touch pad Android at home.

Airplay video

As well as some technical knowledge since the solution does not seem so obvious that it to install. To tell you the truth, it rests on an Apache, PHP5 and some frameworks so if you're not used to playing with these tools It will have to start by train you. That said, you will find in How to Geek a complete tutorial that enables you to install the solution on your bike to enjoy it then fully Android.
And precisely on your smartphone or on your touch pad, the only thing you'll need, ultimately, is a consistent player VLC. You can thus choose the VPlayer ($4.75 ) or for MVIDEO Player(free ) or for the Rock Player (free) . Then, all you have to do is load the IP of your bike to access all its contents and take advantage of your series, movies and even your of your cartoons on your Android device. Like this without paying anything or almost and just with a little elbow grease. The funny thing is that this solution is much more complete than that proposed by the Cupertino company, and you can even go up stream of the video found on Megavideo ....

So naturally, aesthetic question, VLC Share stream is not there yet. That being said, if you're a graphic designer, you have talent and you do not know what to do with your weekends, you can always contact the The project for spinning a hand and thus make your stone to the edifice. Kind through this project, you could finally find meaning in your life and stop spending your Saturday nights camped in front of Orgrimmar.


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