Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Improve your iPhone Battery Life

The battery life is certainly one of the major iPhone problems that users face, especially after using it for a few years, begin to lose its autonomy, lasting less and less during the 3G navigation or video playback.
It will not surprise you to know that there are better ways  that allow the battery to last longer.

We suggest following a guide divided into several points on how to make the battery more powerful:
  • First, the brightness . You should adjust it because it is always set to automatic (Settings -> Brightness), so that it fits itself to ambient light conditions. Keep a constant high brightness is definitely a factor that affects a lot of battery life;
  • The Push notifications . Keeping them activated, must always maintain a connection in the background, the iPhone uses a lot of extra battery, and therefore requires more energy. Our advice is to turn them off unless they are really needed;
  • And the same goes for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device, activated by holding them, are forced to constantly seek to maintain the connection or access points. Therefore we recommend you to switch them off if you do not need the internet;
  • Another key factor, often overlooked, is the lock screen, or rather, when it is activated. Before you lock the device, we recommend that you quit any application in use, because, otherwise, the device is forced to keep active processes that make it possible to run the application in question. If, for example, been surfing on Safari, the first lock the iPhone or iPod, you should return to the Home screen.
Obviously these are only suggestions that can help you improve your battery life of your iOS device.


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