Tuesday, February 1, 2011

iOS 4.3 Brings Ability To Cancel App Downloads

In the latest beta of 4.3 IOS seems possible to cancel downloads of applications, as discovered AppAdvice.Until now, both the iPhone and iPad possible to pause downloads but not to cancel it completely. This new addition is especially useful when downloading your free or not yet purchased app takes longer than expected and you do not want to wait.

Cancelling app downloads, according AppAdvice as simple as removing an application: you love the icon of the app in question until all icons start moving. Then you tap on the cross when the app is still downloading and when the confirmation window appears, select "Delete. Pause is still possible. This is done by pressing the appropriate app to intercept.
New features and enhancements that have so far been discovered in iOS 4.3 include the personal hotspot 3G , which your iPhone will work as Wi-Fi hotspot for up to five different devices. More innovations, such as improved spelling correction and improved interfaces, please see our list of iOS 4.3.
Although it is still waiting on the final version of iOS 4.3, Apple last night or new iPhone firmware. These iOS 4.2.6 (build 8E200), a special version of the CDMA iPhone will be ready to pre-order on february 2 for existing Verizon customers, for all other people, it will be available can phone February 10.


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