Thursday, January 13, 2011

What’s New in iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Last night, IOS 4.3 beta 1 became available for developers. The hunt for new features is now open.Especially the iPad appears to have received many new features, including new gestures (touch movements) and the ability to mute the function of the dial. As I said, this is a first beta version, so Apple still has plenty of time to even more features in later betas add. On the other hand, there is also likely that features that are not are proving to be removed again later.

New FaceTime icon

No dramatic change, but one that is immediately noticeable: FaceTime has a (new) icon received. With FaceTime you (via Wi-Fi) video calls to other users who have a compatible device. That may be an iPhone 4, latest generation iPod Touch or a Mac. The new icon is clearly visible only on devices that FaceTime support.

Personal Hotspot

 iOS 4.3 gets a personal hotspot function.This means that your Internet connection from your iPhone with multiple devices can share.Condition is that your provider supports tethering. The personal hotspot means that the iPhone is the Internet access point for multiple devices behave. You can use up to 5 devices via Wi-Fi to connect to the iPhone. These devices can then Internet at 3G speeds. Previously you could via Bluetooth or USB but a device to connect.

AirPlay Developer

Developers can use the first beta of 4.3 will face AirPlay IOS functionality in their apps. That means that users will soon video from apps or websites can stream to the Apple TV or other devices that can work with AirPlay . AirPlay is also supported in Safari.

Screen IADS

Not yet launched in the Netherlands and therefore not so relevant for us: Apple's advertising banners from the service IADS are now on screen to show.

Improved spelling correction

The AutoCorrect IOS 4.3 now appears mistakenly words run together, but usually with a space ought to be written to recognize and improve. 

Repeated message tones for Messaging Customize

iPhone club reader John Brems know by e-mail to report that a new option in Settings> Messaging appeared, called "Show Report". This option replaces the "Repeat message" in previous firmware versions. The new option lets you specify how often the new message (SMS) messages to appear, with the possible options: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x.

Redesigned settings panel, keyboard and other new interface for App Store updates

The settings panel is redesigned in IOS 4.3. The keyboard is slightly modified with a different image under each key. Also, the App Store interface adapted for updates. This seems the way your applications in the new Mac OS X application Mac App Store update.

Choice between mute button and rotary knob

Good news for iPad users: Apple allows users to switch on the side again as rotation button.That was also the original function of the button, but with the advent of IOS 4.2 appeared to have decided that the Apple button more could serve as a mute button, like on the iPhone. 4.3 In IOS you can use the settings you specify whether the switch as a rotation slot for the screen to use.Here I used the option 'side switch function. Securing the screen rotation is useful when you want to read a book lying sideways.

Multitasking gestures

Also new is the option Multitasking gestures' in the settings menu of the iPad. Allows you to four or five fingers back to the homescreen, the multitasking bar visible or to scroll through apps.Apple brings in a text on the page developer IOS 4.3 preview this if available, to see how it works with apps. It is intended that these developers start testing and giving feedback to Apple. The chance is there that the job later disappears, if it does not appear to be working. Developers can use the Developer Forums lost their experiences. 

IOS 4.3 for Apple TV

Besides the new beta for iPhone,  iPod touch and IPAD is also a beta version for the Apple TV firmware available. Because the Apple TV also runs IOS, these are also to IOS 4.3. It seems that the update was released mainly to ensure that the new developers can start testing AirPlay features. The update of course works only on the second generation Apple TV, because on a version of IOS running.

What is missing: iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G

It's not only gold that glitters: the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd generation for Apple to all appearances no longer worth to update. Previously the first generation iPhone was deprived of an update. The iPhone 3G was still an update to 4.x, but with the really interesting features were found to be missing like multitasking. Apparently Apple no longer dared to these "older" aircraft still to give an update. They probably keep stabbing at IOS 4.2.1 is the last official update made available.

Final release of IOS 4.3

There is no official date announced when IOS 4.3 finally available. As with prior firmware updates will probably multiple beta versions for developers, which new features are added and / or removed. The final functionality of IOS 4.3, we know only in March (or when Apple releases the cast), but functions as the personal hotspot are likely here to stay.


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