Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Verizon Announced CDMA version of the iPhone 4

After years of speculation has finally come: the American operator Verizon has its own version of the iPhone was announced. A separate version was needed because the current GSM-based version of the iPhone for the U.S. CDMA network is suitable. Verizon, the iPhone will be available on February 10, 2011 and will sell for a price starting at $ 199.99 at the close of a two-year contract.

"Today two innovators are coming together" , as announced Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam cooperation. Apple, the smartphone market 'invented' (or at least for the final breakthrough) and Verizon in the U.S. has itself made a number of mobile innovations. The strategic partnership between both companies has developed over the past two years. This has led to the product launch today: McAdam announced with Tim Cook the iPhone 4 Verizon version.

Verizon sees the iPhone in appearance 4 looks like the AT & T model that we in the Netherlands and the rest of the world already know. Inside the technique is different: the phone only connects to CDMA and EVDO rev. A networks. FaceTime is also possible to use. Remarkably, the iPhone is not suitable 4 made for LTE, the fast 4G technology that is deployed throughout the U.S.. 4G last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the leading mobile themes. Device manufacturer HTC announced three new phones with less than 4G functionality, in collaboration with three major mobile operators.

We received this information from a reliable source within the local telecommunications industry, our 100% correct information previously unannounced firmware versions provided. At the next major update IOS (4.3), the feature, provided that your operator supports tethering. Besides the option for USB and Bluetooth connection, will also have the option of a 3G hotspot in the personal settings menu.
 With the launch of the iPhone on February 10, 2011 Verizon is likely that by that date, the new firmware version 4.3 available. At the personal hotspot feature lets you share data connection with five other devices such as laptops or phones.You have any personal devices such as a hotspot MiFi anymore. In the current tethering option for example AT & T offers, you may only another device via Bluetooth or USB are connected. When connecting via Wi-Fi goes on to five. It is also true that AT & T now charges money for tethering, while Verizon is planning to offer this free as part of the subscription. The chance is there of course that you are taking and any restrictions attached unlimited data can be used.

With Verizon's announcement puts an end to the exclusive contract between Apple and AT & T in the U.S.. AT & T was still one of the few global operators with an exclusive iPhone contract.For the Americans it means that they have more choice and the iPhone "the most Reliable 'network will use, including the advertising slogan. 4 The 16GB iPhone is available from $199.99 with a two year subscription, the 32GB iPhone is 4 from $299.99 in stores. Verizon has boosted customer service and thousands of iPhone has four devices on the network tested. A thorough review was necessary because the CDMA network is fundamentally different in structure.Verizon plans to the 3G network in the U.S. to further expand the iPhone, in addition to the investments they already do in LTE.

During the Q & A session was addressed, why Apple chose not to LTE. According to Verizon and Apple were the first generation LTE chips too many design requirements are imposed on the device. Apple had the iPhone will have to redesign and would not. The criterion was added that both companies wanted to introduce the iPhone 4 now and not wait for the next generation.
Moreover, the multi-year agreement between Apple and Verizon, but not exclusive. Operator Sprint, which is also a CDMA network operating in the U.S., the iPhone would also be able to sell. Apple has the antenna design for the CDMA version optimized. However, for the CDMA users a drawback: you can not have multiple calls and internet, as with other CDMA phones.
Update: has now been discovered that the fault lines of the antenna and the placement of the buttons in this new iPhone something else. The lower placement of the mute button can result in a separate protective sleeves are required.


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