Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Small Changes in Verizon iPhone

CDMA iPhone, announced a few minutes ago by Verizon, is similar in all respects with the GSM iPhone ... except for some minor differences. The antenna design has been revised, with two new " breaks "at the top of the box. It may be simply to ensure a good connection with the CDMA network rather than a patch antenna made the problem ...

However, this new design will complicate the lives of props that will change one of their holsters!
Another interesting novelty, Verizon will offer a function Personal Hotspot, which will share its 3G connection with 5 other wireless devices ... but this will probably not free: the operator typically adds $ 20 invoice for this option.
In contrast, CDMA requires, it will not be possible to have a phone conversation and surf in 3G at the same time.

Engadget has raised a hare interesting version of IOS integrated into iPhone CDMA with which the press can play shows a unique version number, namely 4.2.5. It is certainly a maintenance release to ensure compatibility with the network operator ...


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