Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1000 Prototypes for the iPhone CDMA

If CDMA iPhone has not had the honor of a statement from Steve Jobs, the new model, distributed by Verizon, is worn by Apple COO Tim Cook. Present during the conference, he also cracked a few words in the joint press release from the firm at the apple and the operator: " The Verizon customers told us they could do more wait to have an iPhone 4 in their hands, and we think they will love it. We have great respect for the company that Verizon has built and they have earned the loyalty of their customers  . "

Fortunately, Phil Schiller, VP of marketing, has shown a bit more eloquent for AllThingsD!He has ensured that this model of iPhone design had required " hard work " - Verizon and Apple are working on the topic since 2008, and there are more than 1000 prototypes that were needed to develop the CDMA model.
Schiller also said that the famous Fi hotspot function, which allows the iPhone to share its 3G wireless devices with 5, proves to be a software development: " It uses the components in a different way . " And it will be possible to pair an iPad " is a good way to use it !
If it was not a question of seeing this model in catalogs landing operators other than Verizon (CDMA is a standard used in Latin America and Asia), Schiller says that " the door is now open . "


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