Thursday, December 2, 2010

Viber iPhone App Rivals The Skype ?

the download and the use of the application completely free of charge, during initial setup Viber but demands, your phone number to you so the the initial setup required unlock code via SMS send - and our numbers, we are reluctant out of hand. So you read the Viber Use carefully before you click the download button.
But we come to the application. 6MB in size and free in the AppStore promises Viber high quality VoIP calls, differs considerably from one point in competing products such as Skype or Fring. Instead buddy list to put on one (and a personalized account and a unique arrangement with your friends assume so), you identified Viber once via the mobile phone number.

Have you installed the app and Viber completed the setup, you will present the application of the standard contact list of the iPhone and all other Viber equips users with a purple icon from behind the number.
The idea: Users of your address book on the Viber application have also can be selected Internet for free via the now of. The multi-tasking application ring  even if they are just not active, manage missed calls and directs you - do you want a contact to call the Viber not use - the standard telephone application of the iPhone continues to increase.

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