Thursday, December 2, 2010

Women like the iPhone, Men love the Android

According to the latest study by Nielsen, 29.7% of Americans owning a mobile phone now have a smartphone. The iPhone is the most popular platform with 27.9% market share, elbow to elbow with RIM, whose BlackBerry represent 27.4% of the market. Thanks to strong sales, Android now holds 22.7% of the park.

Androphones iPhone and smartphones are also the most desired. Those who already have a smartphone to replace an iPhone for 35%, 28% for an Android phone, and only 15% for a BlackBerry. Apple can count on a loyal base, while a fifth of Android users would not move against the iPhone, a figure that rises to nearly one third at RIM, whose users are not loyal .

Android resources are available elsewhere, among users of FeaturePhone: 28% of the owners' animals phones "have a go Androphone, 25% cons to the iPhone.They are much less certain about their choice for users of smartphones with the possibility that he changes his mind: the synthesis is equivalent to a match almost zero between the two platforms, with a very slight advantage to the iPhone.

If segmentation by age and gender have an interest, we noted that women tend to iPhone, Android men rather (I must say that the series is rather angular Droid), and that youth and seniors are strongly committed to the because of Apple, while in 25-55 years, things are much more complex. It eventually emerges only thing this study: the loser is indeed RIM, whose BlackBerry is definitely more hit the spirits.

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