Thursday, December 2, 2010

Top Paid iPhone Games

 1. Angry Birds Price: $ 0.99 [iTunes link]
It seems that the company Rovio until the New Year will remain the company, whose game is discussed in the game world more than others. Unlikely to find another toy that has its day in the year.

2.. Cut the Rope Price: $ 0.99 [iTunes link]
No wonder that Cut the Rope holding in the top 3 best games. More recently, a nice green guy got another batch of sweets in 25 levels.

3. Angry Birds Halloween Price: $ 0.99 [iTunes link]
Compared with last week thematic part Angry Birds jumped up four positions. The reason for that was the rumors that soon this game is miraculously transformed into the New Year and grow new levels.
4. Fruit Ninja Price: $ 0.99 [iTunes link]
Fruit floor saws from the East rose by two positions, which we congratulate him. The game is not boring, it can play a very long time.Until then, have not yet awakened the appetite.
4. Sentinel 3: Homeworld Price: $ 3.99 [iTunes link]
Company Origin8 unexpectedly released the third part of his well-known toys in the genre of Tower Defence. This time the brave space rangers sent to the enemy planet to battle an alien army on their territory. Display Support Retina, Game Center, and new exclusive soundtrack included!
5. Cheese Guard Price: $ 0.99 [iTunes link]
Fresh from the developers of a toy company Aytiza could in one week to get in the top 10 games. The secret to the success of a ruthless ubivalki mice? I liked the game for its simplicity and sounds, but somehow still a bit monotonous.
6. Jump Doodle Price: $ 0.99 [iTunes link]
Doodle, Doodle, you're back! Unprecedented leadership is the toy for a long time not happy other developers. Until they released the same quality and interesting application, now known jumper has not something to fight for first place, at least to survive, and survive in the top ten.

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