Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two more videos of the PSP Phone

The last video of the PSP Phone does not convince me and so do even some of you. Must also be said that it was not much, eh. And indeed, these two new videos are much clearer and will really allow you to report on the functioning of the smartphone. Even though it seems to defend themselves.

For those who did not, the PSP Phone from Sony Ericsson will soon reach the range of Xperia and presents himself as both a cell phone and regular both as a game console Overall, there is a physical keyboard slide in (like the Milestone 2)except that the latter does not provide keys but rather takes the form of a joystick. All running on Google Android, of course.
In short, on paper, the PSP Phone has everything to satisfy mobile gamers. The big question, ultimately, this will be whether the proposed catalog to turn away from the iPhone. And then the girls is not won.

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