Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mac App Store banned shareware software

If the App Store has not been "trimmed" versions of programs and games, magnificent figure of 300,000 applications would be absolutely unattainable, and the interest of users to it would have been much lower. But in iOS there is only one official store software, while full-fledged computer users have the ability to install anything, anywhere without question the system.
Apple supported the situation and decided that the Mac-version of the App Store will "shop" in the truest sense of the word. What does this mean? No demos and betas. No shareware, and Lite-options. Kupertinovtsy updated reference documents for developers who want to publish your creation to the Mac App Store.The most significant change:

Your site - the best place for publishing the demo, time-free and beta software.Applications that you send in Mac App Store, should be fully functional.
Simply put, the "Trial", "pruning" and even "demo" does not find a place in the Mac App Store. This policy differs from the situation at iOS, but it has its pluses.First, Apple is clearly not going in any way block the installation of software from other sources. Secondly, with such an approach would avoid the fate of shop just iOS-option, and navigate its contents will be much easier. Recall to run Mac App Store just over a month. If calculations are correct, already on January 18 virtual shop door swing open to all users of "snow" Mac OS. [macrumors]


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