Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sharing applications with several iDevices on iTunes

Did you know, when you buy and download an application on the App Store, it is associated with your account (Apple ID), which prevents it from running on a device that does not have the same ID. This association is not transferable, you can not change the "owner" of the purchase, the application will be forever linked to your account. What everyone may not know is, Apple can always install a single application on up to five devices connected to the same individual account. This means you can share your applications with members of your tribe or even install them at the same time on several iDevices.

In general, all facilities required on a platform based IOS are conducted correctly, except for applications which require special physical functions and not present on the target iDevice.For example: accelerometer, front camera, SMS, recent processor ect. Cons by applications designed exclusively for the iPad may not work on iPhone or iPod.
So if you buy an iPad today, know that all the applications you've already gained will be mostly up and running on the tablet. All are not universal and therefore adaptable to the difference in screen size, however zoom allows you to view the application in full screen display with a slightly degraded or pixelated.
To install an application on another device, you must use the username and password used iTunes when first loaded. It is for this reason that the iTunes program also limits the synchronization of the device to a single computer. . Of course you can always "borrow" or "lend" your login information with friends. But it is a matter of confidence, which is not always a good idea.
It is worth remembering that when you use an account with a iDevice nine, a security procedure asks you to retype the security code on your card.
One can understand why with all these constraints, some prefer iDevice release from prison to share content.

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