Friday, December 3, 2010

New Hactivation method to fix iPhone Push and battery Usage

Update # six: Developer @ sbingner (Author of TetherMe) HAS Made Some excellent PROGRESS hactivation devising a New Method That kills Two Birds With One Stone for All You ultrasn0w unlockers.
HIS Tool, "Artificial Subscriber Module (SAM) "Tricks your iPhone and iTunes Into Creating legitimate activation Tickets Even though You're With ultrasn0w unlocked. You get this MEANS The Full Benefit of push Applications, and your battery LIFE increases substantially. IF you'd like to TRY IT out, Express out
Help to make IT EASIER to TRY out @ sbingner's Tool, we've updated to include a redsn0w New "Deactivate"The Option for 3G and 3GS. Use this Option * * After you've installed SAM ... IT Will Remove The Normal patches Made to lockdownd and let SAM Take over. (Sbingner Plans on Making a button to do this too SAMPrefs Within).  Great work, sbingner @!
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