Saturday, November 27, 2010

ChevronWP7, Jailbreak on Windows 7 Phone

They were the first to perform Jailbreak on Windows Phone 7 and after seeing this will not be the last to show it.
The ChevronWP7 people are the architects of this and are more than happy to announce it weeks after the hard and arduous work with the SO
With the application officially launched it will be possible to develop your software and upload it without having to be a developer and pay the $99 required by Microsoft.
An idea similar to what happens on the iPhone, but Redmond might not be so forgiving when this happens and could release a new firmware soon.
This is the first step and we may use third party applications that are created and not endorsed by MarketPlace, the official store of Windows Phone 7.

What is not in doubt is that we have a unique opportunity to be watching the performance of the OS or smartphones.

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