Friday, November 26, 2010

New details on the "PSP Phone"

A few days ago, Bert Nordberg, head of Sony Ericsson played with the rumor of a "PSP Phone" and was careful not to deny its existence.
MobileCrunch book new details obtained from a source he described as trustworthy and familiar with the game on mobile. First point, the existence of this fusion of a smartphone and a game console is no longer in doubt.Then the screen would play in the category of Retina Display, and Sony Ericsson could advance the card the name Bravia TVs echoing its Japanese parent.
The sale price would be stalled for now around $ 500, excluding subsidies operators, with 5 free games included.

The question of the nature of these games is also interesting. For there is no certainty that those of the PSP will be usable, even through an emulation layer. Sony Ericsson could start a new platform based on Android. This would explain the choice of using the PlayStation brand Xperia rather than as suggested by the Wall Street Journal after a few secrets. However, the editors used the PSP would obviously be courted to bring known titles.
The price of games would be closer to what we are used with mobile phones: closer to $ 10 or less than $ 40. A platform game and a shop are planned - together internally as the Z-System - but Sony Ericsson could work with Google on the part sale. Google would have in the idea of designing a special section for this device, and Sony Ericsson will delegate and transaction management.
The playful quality of the future platform, the source expressed MobileCrunch amazed, storing it at the highest level of what is now on mobile.
Finally, the men of Sony Ericsson evoke an internal release for February.Their boss had just said his desire to "noisy"with a new product at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which takes place this month.
via MobileCrunch

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