Sunday, November 28, 2010

AirVideoEnabler activates AirPlay for all Jailbroken Apps

The hack that this is created is called AirVideoEnabler. It makes sure that after activation, you can stream videos from almost every app on your iPad to your Apple TV. The app should make use of Apple's default video player. 

At the launch of AirPlay, the reactions were as moderate. There was no support for third-party apps, but you could only stream video from a limited number of standard applications such as YouTube and the video app. 

AirVideoEnabler would initially through the 
Cydia store sold, but the developer has decided to give it away for free. Because there is a jailbreak solution will not require everyone to play. There is only suitable for AirVideoEnabler videos to your Apple TV to stream and not a MacBook or other device.
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