Thursday, November 25, 2010

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Rrunning on the Nexus S [pictures]

A Newly leaked exclusive footage from Android 2.3 running on the Nexus S, Google's mobile device.
So far only seen some pictures of Android 2.3 Androidespecially applications that showed Eric Schmidtbut what you see below is just revealing!
The people of XDA obtained in exclusive, by anonymous sources, a series of images revealing the Gingerbread user interface and the first technical specifications for Nexus S.

The following list of specifications will leave with a little disappointment to some:
Processor ARMv7 (could be dual core)
Open GL ES support
512MB of RAM (328MB images show the way how Samsung uses its modules)
Internal memory 1GB or 2GB (not known to 100%)
4-inch screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixel resolution
Super Screen AMOLED two (possibly)
HD video recording at 720p
- The Build is GRH14B
- Virtual machine Dalvik/1.4.0
The left image shows that the official name of your Nexus S is Google, the Android version is 2.3, the Linux kernel is To the right is shown lto new notification bar Android 2.3.

Then we have the lock screen and the home screen. Note the new green icons at the top and change application icons Gmail, Calendar and the new Finance
The Phone application has been completely renovated. We now see a new keyboard layout.
Finally,Nexus S design from every angle... notice that is curved on all sides!
S Nexus design is slightly different to that shown by Eric Schmidt. Therefore, we must bear in mind that the specifications above lines belong to this device, a terminal which can be one of several prototypes developed by Samsung and Google.

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