Friday, November 18, 2011

iOS 5: unlock without jailbreak, you can!

Not want to wait for at least 3 months prior to a legal request to your service provider for unlock your iPrécieux free? Good news then, two computer scientists have successfully exploited a bug in IOS that allows five more or less than one unlock iPhone 4S without jailbreak. The only downside, handling has been tried in the United States for now.

The necessary equipment was purchased from an iPhone 4S AT & T, a SIM card from T-Mobile and a little patience!
Here are the steps performed by two men: - Enable the card in the AT & T iPhone
  • Join the hot-line for the U.S. operator AT & T and hang up (nice!)
  • Switch the iPhone in airplane mode
  • Change the AT & T SIM card with that of T-Mobile
  • Exit the plane and let the phone find the network (Wi-Fi must be cut)
  • Wait an activation message appears. Do nothing.
  • Once the signal network in the status bar, wait 20 or 30 seconds and turn off the iPhone.
  • Rekindle your iPhone and wait for activation request
  • Tap "use the cellular connection" is displayed when a bar network
Remove the SIM and presto, you're done!
Note that both little hackers did note that this method may require several tries to succeed.


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