Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 with Redsn0w [Tutorial]

Since yesterday, the new version of IOS are available.Already, there is a possibility a tethered jailbreak perform.However, users are advised to wait for an untethered jailbreak, keep away from this update. Supports the following devices (direct download links for iOS 5 firmware) are:

Important information:You should be aware that you can use a device gejailbreakten no other over-the-air updates.You must therefore use the normal way and install future updates for IOS 5 on iTunes.Moreover, it is this is a tethered jailbreak, so you have to reboot every time your device to the computer and perform a tethered boat.Furthermore, should keep away from RedSn0w Unlocker, because your baseband version is updated through the process.
iOS 5.0.1 with RedSn0w 0.9.9b8:
  • You need the latest version of iTunes installed (10.5).
  • Creates a backup through iTunes or the icloud.
  • Will update your device OTA via iTunes or on iOS 5.0.1.
  • Downloaded the latest version of RedSn0w for Windows or Mac.
  • Invites you down from the above download links attached your firmware.
Step 1:Start RedSn0w.Then click onToolsand then clickSelect IPSW, where you must select the appropriate iOS 5 firmware for your device.
Step 2:Go back now to the home screen onbackand click onjailbreak.Then you must put your device in DFU mode.It expresses the "Power" button on your device for 3 seconds.Then you have to be the "Home" and "Power" button press for 10 seconds.Then she lets the "Power" button and go wait until the installation begins in RedSn0w.

Step 3:After you have successfully brought your device in DFU mode, initial preparations are done for the jailbreak, it will automatically detect your device and load the appropriate files.Then the following window appears and you have a hook on Install Cydia set, disable everything else.Continue by clickingNext.
Step 4:
The installation will be performed.When the installation is complete your IOS device will reboot automatically.After that, the jailbreak is finished.
Step 5:So you have to Cydia works now perform a tethered boat.The instructions for the tethered boat you'll find just below this step!
Instructions for the tethered boat:This is it this is a tethered jailbreak, your device comes with every reboot or power loss in a boot loop logo.You can not use your device as long as until you have performed a tethered boat.Unfortunately you have to perform this operation on every reboot!
Step 1:You must first connect your device to the computer and launch RedSn0w.Then click on "Tools".
Step 2:Next, you must "boot Just" click on it to start the tethered boot process.

Step 3:
You must now turn off your device and click "Next".
Step 4:Now you have to bring your device into DFU mode.It expresses the "Power" button on your device for 3 seconds.Then you have to be the "Home" and "Power" button press for 10 seconds.Then she lets the "Power" button and go wait until the installation begins in RedSn0w.
Step 5:
Now it takes about a minute until the process is carried out.Then you will see a pineapple on your screen.After a short wait, your device is restarted and you can use it.
Instructions for installing the jailbreak semitethered:
TheBigBoss has released a jailbreak tweak, reboot your gejailbreaktes her through the device without a computer can.Yet there are still some limitations with which you unfortunately have to life.The Apps Mobile Safari, Mail and jailbreak all extensions will no longer work after a reboot without the boat tethered to the computer.Nevertheless, at least you can make calls with your device open other applications, and news writing.To remove the restrictions mentioned above again, you have your device as usual with your PC / Mac connect and perform a tethered boat.Another disadvantage of the Semitethered jailbreak is that your device needs longer time to restart several times and probably performs a ring Resp.Therefore you should not have surprised you a longer waiting time at boot up.
Step 1:
Open Cydia and navigate to Administration-> sources.
Step 2:
Then click on Add Source and must "" here.
Step 3:
Then click on the new source and "SemiTether" install.Then restart the device.


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