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Twelve essential apps for every new iPhone owner

There are many other apps that you like new-fangled iPhone owner should try. It does not matter whether you are a brand new iPhone 4S or buy an older model. Maybe take an iPhone to someone who buys a newer device. iPhoneclub put 12 essential applications at a glance who install more than worth it. Some cost money, but a surprising number of essential apps are free downloads.
There are an incredible number of applications available in the App Store. The last official census of Apple pointed to more than 500,000 apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad . And every day there are dozens if not hundreds more. It is not easy to reduce the huge number to a dozen applications that we believe every iPhone user should consider them seriously. This is the (arbitrarily numbered) selection we made. Twelve applications that best of their kind or of themselves lonely height. These are the twelve apps that we find indispensable for every new iPhone owner.

1. WhatsApp Messenger

With a new iPhone on the market, more people will be using Apple's standard messaging iMessage. After all, new iPhone buyers get free pre-installed on their phone. New iPhone owners who already have an Apple phone, give or sell to others who iMessage. You may not believe it, but there are also those with an Android phone, a BlackBerry or a feature phone for free send you messages. WhatsApp this is the service that everyone uses.
WhatsApp searches your phone and automatically find people who also use the application. It lets you have free to send messages and pictures, videos, your location and contact sharing. It is also possible to work with ten others to join in a group discussion. By default, each WhatsApp message as a text message in the notification center. If the gibberish in a group become too much, which can easily be silenced temporarily so you just do not get notifications.Use the option under settings, you can see how many messages you have sent and received and how much data you have used the correspondence within the app. Please note that as the KB's or MB's go off on your data bundle, though it hardly dates of sending text messages.
Download: WhatsApp Messenger ($0.99)

2. Camera +

Camera + months has been the best selling camera application for the iPhone and has a good reason. The app adds important functionality compared to the standard Apple Camera app on the iPhone provides. You can a picture not only focus on the screen by pressing, but you can also determine its exposure to a second finger on the screen. Standard on the iPhone because the light is adjusted to the part you focus, which is far too large contrasts can be thwarted if the environment is significantly darker or lighter than the subject. With Camera + define yourself how it is light. Put your second finger on a dark surface and the lens illuminates the picture, put it in a light plane and the picture is very dark. It can provide a picture a world of difference.
4S iPhone owners will regret that you are not as quick with Camera + can shoot pictures as the default app. Yet there is something set against this application. You can choose photos first store in Camera + before storing them in standard photo album of the iPhone, so you do not immediately contaminated with various shots of the same.Photos can then be adjusted. You change the warmth and depth of the colors and scenes can color filters and borders on the photo release. At the edges there is an additional possibility for a caption on the photo. The provision of light when taking a photograph is the most important feature of Camera + app and makes a compulsory purchase for anyone who imagines photographer.
Download: Camera + ($0.99)

3. TuneIn Radio

The arrival of the App Store TuneIn Radio dated back in September 2009. The application which you can listen to Internet radio stations was most kind. With each update, the app always a little better thanks to user feedback and were gradually all the channels you can imagine yourself added. Nowadays, there is a free version of TuneIn Radio with more than 50,000 digital radio stations you can listen. Five-fifty-thousand. With the location feature allows you to find national and local channels, but you can also advanced search by genre. Favorite music stations add to your welcome screen with a heart, so the next time you are ready to start listening. Radio stations that support it are also provided by artist and song information, a cover of the CD or even a flush possibility. It is much kinder to your application, for example, the battery 3FM app for the iPhone.
The paid version has thick two years in the App Store is, has the additional features the live recording of a radio broadcast. This is a nice addition, but perhaps not really necessary if you already have so many channels to find out.
Download: TuneIn Radio (free)
Download: TuneIn Radio Pro ($0.99)

4. Shazam

"How is it possible?" is a question that you will soon hear if you demonstrate to others Shazam. With the push of a button Shazam listens to the application a few seconds for the music he hears, that he sent via the Internet and a few seconds later you know what song you just heard. That appears with artist and song name and album cover on the screen. Then the number is automatically saved for later reference, but you can spot more with it. You can share a discovery via Twitter, Facebook or other Shazam friends, YouTube videos of the artist view and download the song in iTunes.
Songs that you listen to and identify with Shazam will be remembered in a list which you can later after beating him and recognized as a song initially fails because of a bad connection, you can try again with a better connection. An indispensable app so you yourself will never wonder what that one great song called now.
Download Shazam (free)

5. DataMan Free / Pro

There is a chance that with your new iPhone a new phone subscription so you must close now faced with a data limit for your Internet usage on the phone. DataMan is a handy app to install directly. DataMan points on your total data usage in the month and distributes it among Wi-Fi use for which you do not have to pay 3G and GPRS usage on your data bundle that does go off. In advance you can bundle your monthly renewal date and your data limit and you can enter four push notifications set to go off at a rate of consumption of your data bundle. If you open the app, you can see what percentage of the bundle is consumed and how many MBs that are exact.
The paid version DataMan Pro throws in visual statistics and leave on a map on which places you have many mobile geïnternet. You can also use your daily look. You also get the Pro version just a push message when you bundle, such as when watching a YouTube video. The free version allows only mention that as the new calculation shows that you have gone over it. There are more applications you monitor data usage, but Dataman Free and Pro are more accurate than the alternatives and calculate your data usage every 10 minutes without an attempt to form on the battery of your phone. Call it necessary evil.
Download: DataMan Free (free)
Download: DataMan Pro ($1.99)

6. 9292ov Pro

Immediately departure times and destinations seeing buses, trams and metros in the neighborhood and a comprehensive route planner on the 'buy' to. This offers the iPhone application 9292ov Pro, you free insight into the transport times of public transport in the Netherlands. If you open the application, your attention, however, drawn by the red marker in the Notifications tab. Which shows at a glance how many details there are in the public transport today. The problems are among them and you can print out additional information like the time that an activity takes and what is the alternative.
The planner can indicate what forms of transport you want to use.For example you can cross off tube if you prefer to go by tram.You can use a different drive, address or even contact from your iPhone contacts and travel with a button you switch to start and end points. It's a great knack for the entire Dutch public transport in their pocket.
Download: 9292ov Pro (free)

7. Waze

You are never entirely by public transportation? For car drivers there is a handy free application to your place to come. Waze called that solution. The cards and fastest routes by the users themselves created and collected online spot for your turn-by-turn guidance to your endpoint. But that's not all: Waze users themselves provide details of what is happening on the road.Thus, congestion, traffic jams, speed cameras and mobile checks passed and you see that appear on the map when you're around. This also means that you also can share that information with any other Waze users. If you have found a faster route than the route of another director, then any users who share knowledge.
Waze is particularly useful because the application loads the cards on the spot online. That means a trip Nieuwegein - Axles 2MB can consume your data bundle and a much shorter drive from Nieuwegein to Amsterdam too. This is the data that the app gets the go. The big advantage is that the application for that reason very little space on your iPhone, in contrast to TomTom and Navigon Select T-Mobile , which is free and recommended for subscribers of the telecom provider.
Download: Waze (free)

8. Dropbox

With icloud on your iPhone you can use the calendar, contacts, photos and even apps wirelessly sync with iTunes via the internet, the iPad and OS X Lion on the Mac. But this does not all the wireless features of iPhone use. As a quick example, a group of photos from the phone to share with a friend without having to put on a social network, Dropbox is your friend. That's even if you PDF documents from your computer at hand will have on the iPhone. Or always the latest versions of documents from co-workers want to download from a shared folder.
With Dropbox for iPhone lets you 2GB of online storage free service anytime, anywhere access. If your files are always needed, you can mark them as favorites and can make them without internet access. Moreover, you can organize files and maintain the application without losing control over things in the room. All you have to do is create a free account on the Dropbox website and download the application on the iPhone. From the computer you can use the service on a separate computer or Internet access.
Download: Dropbox (free)

9. Evernote

The idea of Evernote is that you can quickly note it makes when you come across anything like that then you can save memory in the program. But actually this application even more useful. It is the most comprehensive free word processor and storage for the iPhone that you can download. You can capture with audio recordings and photographs in store, but Evernote excels as a word processor. The most basic formatting options like bold, italics, subheadings and bullet lists you can find all back when you're writing. Also you can picture as an attachment to add your work.
The documents you store in Evernote are searchable in the program itself. Equally useful is the option to install the program for free on iPad , Mac or PC. That way you can die easily and automatically exchange files. A surcharge of five dollars a month you documents offline insight into Evernote on the iPhone and you have up to 1 GB of upload space, but the free version will most of us already sufficient.
Download: Evernote (free)

10. WeatherPro

By default, every iPhone obviously a weather application already installed, but not very extensive. WeatherPro The application contains all the information that you yourself can imagine. Of the locations that you add, you see the temperature, wind chill, air pressure, maximum force of the winds, the rainfall in millimeters and the same data for the week ahead. And that's just a screen.The app also houses an animated rain radar, a satellite that the clouds and even detailed charts showing the temperature and precipitation probability per session.
In addition, WeatherPro a number of cards for specific occasions.For example you can see what the water temperature in Europe and what the weather skiing in the Alps, Germany and Italy.However, these cards require a subscription on top of the purchase price of 3 euros for the application. You get the data for 3 months 1.59 euros and 4.99 euros for one year. If besides the standard weather app only need a rain radar, we recommend the free application you Rain . But remember: single 3 euros after WeatherPro you need any other weather.
Download: WeatherPro ($3.99)

11. Instagram

Is an app that lets your images can provide a cozy atmosphere and nostalgic effect an indispensable app? Yes, say many of our readers and we with them. Instagram is actually a stand-alone social network that can put your own photos and share, but because of its photo editing capabilities had won many hearts.Instagram has a beautiful color photo filters in a jiffy to give a different atmosphere. They go way beyond the ability to picture simply "nostalgic sepia" or black and white. Optionally you can use a circle or line selection is also a part of the picture the way out against the background and can give you a list around the photo to make a different color.
The editing you do in Instagram, you automatically in the iPhone photo album by selecting among the institutions of the iPhone box. Except in the social network itself, you can see the pictures by pressing the share button is also spread by e-mail or Twitter and Facebook. Of course, you Instagram the pictures of other photographers Viewing and leave a response.
Download: Instagram (free)

12. Twitter

Safari, YouTube, and you have album since the latest operating software of the iPhone all have the ability to instantly share an item via Twitter. Sophisticated ability to complete the look, the official Twitter application download for the iPhone. With it you can subscribe yourself to the messages of others and to be informed of his experiences and observations. Whether you use it to news to follow, it is also possible. There are many iPhone apps that you can "tweet", but the official TweetDeck has great advantages over those offers: it is free and offers free push notifications. Thus you get a message that is addressed to you or which you mentioned in the same way as with a message via SMS.
The function items, pages or links to share via Twitter is becoming more iPhone applications supported and that number will only increase. This Twitter app you can read back what you have shared and read what others have to share in a clear, bright and easy to use way.
Download: Twitter (free) 



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