Thursday, October 27, 2011

Apple TV controlled by Siri Coming in 2013

Ideal for ages, television is Apple's approach . In any case reports that Nick Bilton of the New York Times , "will incorporate extensive voice features with Siri." Bilton continued - citing anonymous sources - indicating that the famous TV would be "a product guaranteed to Apple" since "Steve thinks that the industry is totally split." There is a link to the comments made ​​by Jobs Himself  in his authorized biography 

In fact, rumor has dragged on for years now. But it's not for nothing. Indeed, Apple TV maintains this idea for ages, probably since 2007 (when the first iPhone and Apple TV box had seen the day). Today, in 2011, he continues to do his little way. Issues still relevant in Cupertino, as its design. We know that Apple products - in addition to their practical side - facing a frank success with a look that appeals to a broader clientele. For its TV, it must not fail. Once everything is finalized, the apple could be presented to the public by the end of 2012 for release in 2013 .
Finally, Bilton is taped in advance of what an Apple TV controlled by Siri could provide as a sensation, "is something of science fiction"

It’s the stuff of science fiction. You sit on your couch and rather than fumble with several remotes or use hand gestures, you simply talk: “Put on the last episode of Gossip Girl.” “Play the local news headlines.” “Play some Coldplay music videos.” Siri does the rest.

Of course this experience goes beyond just playing TV shows or the local news. As the line between television programming and Web content continues to erode, a Siri-powered television would become more necessary. You aren’t going to want to flip through file folders or baskets of content, checking off what you want. Telling Siri to “play videos of cute cats falling asleep” would return an endless YouTube stream of adorable napping fur balls.


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