Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Siri to be Available in All iOS 5 Devices

One of the newest features in iOS 5 , Siri, can only be used on the iPhone 4S . This could be related to the A5 chip the iPhone 4S, but that seems more and more developers to the virtual assistant on earlier models into work. Developer @ Plane Jackosays he Siri got to work for almost any iOS 5-supporting device. There was his method also requires a jailbreak.

Steven Smith Throughton demonstrated on October 15 videos Siri on iPhone 4, but ran into connection problems. To be able to work with Apple's servers Siri can connect. Siri have turned in a later video of Smith fluently, although not the iPhone 4 A5 chip.
Jacko Plane Siri says he has received so far with the Apple servers to connect, regardless of the device.Additionally, the initial impression that his method is not even a jailbreak required: a program called NSFileManager would make it possible to activate Siri. But that claim was later refuted .
When Jacko Plane will release his method is not yet clear. At the moment he has only a short Twitter Q & A session published recounts his method. Also he has no proof in the form of a video delivery, which means that final confirmation is yet to follow.
We keep a little one blow to the poor, both because there is no information on previous earnings of Jacko Plane developer, partly because it is still unclear to what extent it is possible for the method is legal to distribute. Precisely for that reason says Jacko copyright Plane no movie to release.


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