Thursday, October 20, 2011

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S: same cost for Apple?

The prognosis question on the iPhone manufacturer cost is that we do not know which way to turn. The first model of the new range that ultimately would cost 50 cents more than the iPhone 4 , the 16 GB version was estimated at $187.51. This is not the first such analysis, but one that predicts the lowest price in terms of cost for Apple ...

So after forecasts of UBM conjecture that a bill of $203 for 32 GB, and while another estimated at $220 (Chris Whitmore) , IHS iSuppli, a specialist, gives his point of view on the thing. For the site, the iPhone would cost $ 188 4S in its 16 GB, $ 207 in its 32 GB version and $245 for 64 GB careful though as these calculations do not include the cost in research and development and in marketing.

Secondly, let there be no mistake, the components of 4S are very different from those of 4, since the mobile terminal A5 with a processor, a chip Qualcomm GSM / CDMA, an 8-megapixel photo sensor (estimated at 17, $60). Finally IHS estimates that Samsung has produced the A5 processor and supplier of memory is another Hynix (new supplier). When will the new situation?


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