Monday, October 31, 2011

SemiTether 0.9.1 released - improved stability and Safari use without tethered Jailbreak

In the course of yesterday has TheBigBoss released a new version of SemiTether, restart your gejailbreaktes by their device without a computer can.As before, there are still some limitations after a restart, but which have reduced in the new version.
Understand is that this is still to untethered jailbreak no, because after a reboot no longer do the jailbreak installed cydia and extensions can not be used.Furthermore, the Mail applications are not yet used after a reboot.

To remove the restrictions mentioned above again, you have your device as usual with your PC / Mac connect and perform a tethered boat.
With the latest update SemiTether was extended with the following functions:
  • Better stability through the customized mobile substrates from Saurik
  • Mobile Safari has been patched, and allows the use of Safari is restarted without tethered boat
  • Additional widgets in the Notification Center will be protected and can not crash
Instructions for installing the jailbreak Semitethered:
Step 1:
You have your iOS device with five of these instructions jailbreak.
Step 2:
You have the source "" on the administration to add Cydia
Step 3:
Install the extension and starts SemiTether your device.


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