Monday, October 31, 2011

Apple is considering AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage for Mac OSX

Sources involved in the development of Mac OS X have claimed that Apple is considering mirroring and AirPlay iMessage in a future version of Lion to implement. The streaming video would be viewed.Both services made ​​their debut at the launch of iOS 5 for the iPhone, although an iPhone 4S ori Pad 2 need AirPlay Mirroring.

With iMessage to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners to exchange messages without using a text bundle. Because the service works over your internet connection, a Mac version is not unthinkable.
 According to the quoted source, Apple is still open whether or not iMessage a separate program or would be part of iChat. Previously dived code in iChat that hinted at iMessage.
Mirroring via AirPlay should Mac owners using Apple TV monitor their radio to the TV to stream.AirPlay streaming video, where you only send video files to your TV, QuickTime X would be implemented.
The fact is made with some caution: although extensive looks at the implementation of the functions, the source, there exists a chance that neither of them will see the light of day.


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