Wednesday, October 26, 2011

iPod Nest: smart thermostat with iPhone app

Tony Fadell technology revolutionized 10 years ago with the creation of the iPod, an invention that was dismissed by many who said they would be ignored by the buyers, never imagining that achieved 300 million units sold.

Now this same inventor out of the ranks of Apple has posted a strange gadget: a thermostat that can be programmed to maintain the level of comfort and save energy.

These thermostats built by the company's Nest Labs also indicate how long to wait for the rooms are at the desired temperature, so that users can decide if they will be home long enough to justify the process.

Nest thermostats have Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet and a free application for the iPhone allows users to manage the climate of your home at a distance.

The company began taking online orders for these thermostats in the United States website at a price of $249 a piece. The devices will begin selling in November.


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