Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Comparing iPhone Camera Evolution

 Within the life cycle of the iPhone's camera is constantly being developed and a clear preliminary step is to see from the photo shown comparisons. Yet so far the camera was still a clear weakness in the smartphone made by Apple. The first time was simply an Apple iPhone 2 megapixel camera, which has worked rather modest results. In the iPhone 3G, the chip has been improved, but the megapixel count has not increased further. The first noticeable step was to look at the iPhone 3G, which has received a complete renovation and had 3 megapixels, still had some weaknesses.

 With the Apple iPhone 4 put on a 5-megapixel module, which was mostly used for a short time in the camera photo community Flickr. In the latest Apple iPhone 4S has not only increases the megapixel count, but relies on a new sensor in combination with an improved lens system.

Lisa Bettany , the photographs and developer of the popular photo app Camera + has made ​​the effort and created several comparison photos showing how the quality of the images developed over the years. PetaPixel have grabbed the photographs and handicrafts, the above shown comparison photos to get a better idea of the quality. The original photos by Lisa Bettany can on the corresponding article in the Camera + blog can be viewed. Is also worth mentioning that Lisa Bettany is the camera from the iPhone 4S on a level with the best compact cameras on the market.

Posted by Lisa Bettany:

The iPhone 4S is dramatically clearer and sharper than previous iPhone versions. Using a separate focus and exposure in Camera + on the iPhone 4 & 4S Significantly helped create a more balanced exposure. While it's not nearing the same quality as a professional level dSLR, it is comparable to a top of the line compact camera and even in some ways it hines outs.


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