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IntelliScreenX review - the replacement message center [Cydia tweak]

Since iOS 5 you can get a list of your recently received notifications in the form of the message center (also known as "notificationcenter ). The developers of Intelliborn have the message center as a starting point and further developed to more useful information on your ' lock screen 'and' shade info 'to display.IntelliScreenX is now available as public beta. iPhoneclub before that took part in an exclusive closed beta period and brings you on the basis of this extensive review.

IntelliScreenX: how does it work and what can you do?

To take advantage of this IntelliScreenX slide down as you expect from message center, but it is also possible to IntelliScreenX on the lock screen to display. Standard will then be displayed a list of notifications, but the weather and calendar events are shown on this screen. By continuing down to sliding, a bar appears with the options you normally via SBSettings could serve as the on and off the airplane mode, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G rotation lock and perform an or ring. Pressing this bar a slide movement to the left you can also make the brightness of the screen. If IntelliScreenX Once loaded, you can smoothly switch between different screens that provide the tweak and tweak it feels almost like using the Apple message center itself has developed.
What IntelliScreenX namely particularly interesting, in addition to integration into the lock screen, is that left and right of the default view additional relevant information can be found. Left of the default screen you will find an overview of recent e-mails, while the three screens on the right can be filled with your newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter and your timeline to a list of RSS feeds. Your newsfeed on Facebook is listed with a small display of your images and includes timeline of Twitter avatars. By pressing on an item you get to the part of the email options Delete , Mark Unread , and open , with Facebook the options open , Like and Comment on Twitter, and openand Reply . The overview of your e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and your RSS feeds (and automatically) to manually refresh the familiar pull-to-refresh movement. You can also simply IntelliScreenX used with the various widgets that others have been released to the message center as WeeCompose and WeeRadio.

IntelliScreenX: What can you set yourself?

Can not argue about taste and everyone will have his own preference information like how they appear to have. Fortunately, IntelliScreenX extensive options for making the necessary choices.The options can be set by the sub IntelliScreenX in the Settings menu. In this menu you can specify whether you want such IntelliScreenX displayed on the lock screen, whether it should display immediately if you restart the iPhone and how long the lock screen remains displayed before the screen dimmed. Additionally you can specify whether an icon in the status bar for missed calls and received SMS messages and emails. You can also set how long or forward the events on your calendar and reminders are displayed.

Besides these general settings, you can also configure the various pages in IntelliScreenX change. This allows you to components Mail, Facebook, Twitter and RSS reader whether or not it should be displayed by IntelliScreenX. You can also choose the color for each item should be used for the title and content of messages that are displayed and how many rules should contain a preview. Of sub Facebook, Twitter and RSS reader, you can also set how often it needs to be refreshed. By default this option to Always , which means that the pages are refreshed when they appear. You can also disable automatic updating or a certain interval.

The RSS Feed is available at iPhone Rumors

IntelliScreenX: competition and Conclusion

IntelliScreenX is not the first tweak to relevant information on the lock screen of the iPhone display. In May 2008, Intelliborn already Intelliscreen out later with other developers tweaks like element and lock information . I own all three tweaks a bit on my iPhone had. The original IntelliScreen I have been satisfied, but the tweak was then known by the poor interaction with other tweaks, because no use was made ​​of MobileSubstrate and it finally broke me. The long awaited Cydget element found in practice mainly a proof of concept and therefore often slow, unstable and was only sporadically maintained. Lock information was also until recently the tweak to beat in terms of displaying information on the lock screen of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad..
A good comparison between the lock information is preliminary and IntelliScreenX not actually make. Lock information was by far my favorite iOS 4.x, but with the support of iOS 5 seems the developer David Ashman at this time to walk behind the facts. A week ago, the developer has for example the choice of lock information should be integrated in the message center or separately should be offered. The official version of lock information is therefore not suitable for iOS 5 and the beta for iOS 5, available through the repository is still under construction. Although progress in the latest update looks promising, it is still a beta compared to IntelliScreenX but also some things missing.
In particular, the possibility of IntelliScreenX to your email, Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds on separate pages on the lock screen to show is how quickly you can get an overview of the information beneficial. From incompatibility with other tweaks, like the original Intelliscreen, I have not noticed in the above video, I think David Wang (aka @ planet-being ) of the iPhone Dev Team to identify, which at that point also reassuring. Add to this that the makers of the tweak well have looked at the message center and that the look and feel of it and preserved it is clear that this tweak temporarily lock the baton of info about taking on iOS 5.
Rating: 8.5
IntelliScreenX for $ 9.99 available via the repository . Upgrading from IntelliScreen costs $ 7.99. You can IntelliScreen first three days free to try. iPhoneclub has IntelliScreenX up to version 1.08 of the beta test. IntelliScreenX there is not the iPad , although it is being done.
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