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How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 when Restoring / Updating iOS 5 on Windows , Mac OS

Since the release of the iOS 5, few users were able to update their iDevices. In addition to a long download time - if successful download, which is far from being the case for everyone - many errors occur during the update or restore to the new mobile OS. You want to update, restore your iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV or iPad to the latest iOS, but keeping on getting an error message 3002 or 3194 (or device This Is not eligible for the Requested build) appears?

No need to look far to understand where these errors. Apple servers are suffering from high demand. Thus, if you come across an error 3002 or 3200 during the transition to iOS 5, do not panic. We have the solution.This is apparently due to a bug in Cydia’s backend which should be fixed soon.Temporarily, you can fix this by removing Cydia’s SHSH caching server from your host file. This can either done manually by removing Cydia’s IP address from your system’s host file, or by simply using TinyUmbrella for windows and Mac

Above all, make sure you have installed the latest iTunes and downloaded the iOS dedicated to your device.

Error 3002:

In press Check for Upgrade to the latest iTunes while selecting the iOS for your device, it is likely that the software tells you an error 3002, you can not update the iDevice. Good news, a solution is offered to you. Simply click on Shift (or Alt for Mac) + Restore in iTunes to get around the problem. Of course, that says restore said total loss of your saved data, so remember to make a backup before handling.

Error 3194: Change the file "Hosts"

"I managed to bypass the 3002 error, but the error 3194 is now the". For some users, the first solution will work only a handful of seconds and the new message arrives on your screen. Do not panic, just edit your hosts file or restore from another computer to get around as well. If you do not have another computer handy, modify your hosts file so that it is the same as  this one .

Copyright © 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.. # This is a sample HOSTS file Used by Microsoft TCP / IP for Windows. # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each # entry Should Be Kept one year Individual line. The IP address Should Be Placed in the # first column Followed by the Corresponding host name. # The IP address and the host name separated by Should Be at least one # space. # Additionally, comments (Such as thesis) May Be is inserted Individual # lines or the machine name denoted FOLLOWING by a '#' symbol. # For example: # # source server # # x client host # localhost name DNS resolution IS Handled Within Itself. localhost 
Find  Hosts file on a Mac OS:

Open terminal and type in the following command

sudo vim  / etc /  hosts

After that navigate to to edit the file, add a # at the beginning of the line to comment out to your Hosts file and open it in a browser. In a new line X to save and close.
Remove the following two lines from your Hosts file

Open iTunes and restore or update the default or custom iOS firmware for your iDevice by using SHIFT+Restore button (ATL+Restore for Mac), the error 3194 should be gone.


This always fixed that stupid error for me

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I am trying to upgrade my iPhone 4 to ios 5… I have itunes 10.5 but still didn’t work, always got error 3194 and error 3259 while connecting to itunes but i fixed it. Thanks for sharing this information.
I also got some help from this site: error3259

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