Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Find My Friends iOS 5 app for iPhone now downloadable

The new official Apple app Find My Friends is now on iPhone andiPad released. It is the first iOS 5functionality that the App Store to find. You can not yet install the application without iOS 5 or icloud account. With Find My Friends, the locations of friends, relatives and acquaintances mutually shared between everyone who has the application.

Friends are like pink dots on a Google Maps map. It is then possible to see where your blue dot, for example so you can walk towards each other. There are several ways to use the app: Scott Forstall said during the "Let's Talk iPhone' presentation instance to use the app to see if his son arrived at school.
The new app is integrated with both the Contacts app as Maps (Google Maps).However, you must install iOS 5 to make use of them. You can choose to share your location permanently or temporarily.You can also view the locations of others, without having your own local area. If you prefer, you can also friend requests off.

iOS 5 appear later today and can be installed on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4,iPhone 4S , the third generation and fourth generation iPod Touch and the iPad and an iPad 2 .
Download: Find My Friends (free)


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