Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AirPort Utility from Apple App Store appeared

Apple has just released the AirPort Utility app in the App Store installed. This app is part of Apple's PC-Free Initiative, with which they are configured and installed via desktop computers obsolete to make. AirPort Utility is an app that lets owners of Apple's AirPort router, it may bring. It is also possible, for example, a Time Capsule to configure.

Use AirPort Utility AirPort manage your network and the associated AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can configure the device settings or if you just out of the unwrapped. The latter had been using a Mac. It is also possible to get a visual example of how your network at present hangs together. Is there something wrong with your network, or AirPort Utility lets see what error messages you give AirPort. 
AirPort Utility for iOS 5 required.
Download: AirPort Utility (free from iOS 5, Universal)


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