Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 for iOS 5 with icloud Support

Apple just release iTunes 10.5 as a free download available. The latest iTunes update is required for iOS 5 to install that next Wednesday as a free update available for existing users iOS. The update also brings support for specific functionality of Apple's free icloud cloud service which is also being rolled out on Wednesday.

The new iTunes version includes support for iTunes in the cloud, which music and TV shows (not available in the Netherlands) in icloud be stored anywhere and thus have available. There is also added support for automatic download: music on your IOS device or computer purchase is automatically downloaded to other Macs or IOS devices. It is also possible to previously purchased music, TV shows, applications and re-download books without having to leave again have to pay.
Of course, iTunes 10.5 support for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 5 via a cable to sync, but new is the ability to your IOS device wirelessly over Wi-Fi to sync with iTunes. This requires your Mac / PC and iOS device exists on the same networks.
iTunes 10.5 is available for free download from the Apple website or through iTunes itself to look for new versions. IOS 5 is announced tomorrow, but it is not yet known at what time. It is expected that around 19:00 hours Dutch time, but please do not pin us down there.  
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