Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TCP Optimizer iDevice: Improve your Internet connection speed

You rail against the time it takes your application load YouTube videos? You would like your connection is at least two times faster than it is now? So here's an excellent tweak called TCP Optimizer . Available several months ago, he proposes to increase the speed of the connection while browsing the Internet, especially when using the YouTube application.

Now, in many cases (like this) people do not understand the terminology used in the name of the tweak or do not understand what exactly the tweak to increase the speed WiFi. So first things first - what is the TCP?
The TCP is a protocol used on the Internet to transmit data between two machines. Transport protocol, TCP takes over the opening and control of the connection between two computers. The protocol ensures that data is transferred and ensures that data is received in the same sequence in which they were sent. This is done by breaking information into small data packets and are collected at the other end.

Naturally, your iDevice uses TCP whenever you are connected to the Internet to provide you a stable connection WiFi. Tweak the TCP Optimizer essentially allows to optimize this process, which accelerates all activities related to Internet on your iDevice while you are connected to the Internet. This is done by changing certain parameters TCP start your iPhone or iPad.

Now the big question: Is it actually works? For me, the answer was absolutely yes! I was and am always impressed by how quickly I was able to download Internet content while I'm connected to a WiFi network. Finally speeds approaching that really offers me my internet provider. I have known speed increases up to 2x and I am amazed at how this tweak actually works.
TCP Optimizer is available free on Cydia as the source


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