Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SanDisk Memory managed zone for Android phone in the store and into the cloud

SanDisk has the  SanDisk memory zone  for Android released a free app in the market, which it will facilitate you to manage your various storage options. Hiebei can use it not only access the memory for the phone to the microSD card, but also services like Dropbox, Picasa or Google Docs.

The program reads and displays all content in folders by file type rather than arranged.Particularly about the app is not running yet and who has a few more files are in the drop box, during the scan can pick up groceries for now. At least the surface is cleaned up and there is a (lame) backup function.
I am personally with the ES File Explorer super clear and this has Dropbox links, but still dozens more functions to manage files easily. Since the SanDisk Memory zone is free, ye can even test times and leave your opinion.


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