Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Official: Apple to Announce iPhone 5 on October 4th event

The wait is finally over. Apple has now officially invited at Apple Campus on October 4th press event a press October 4th. The page The Loop has reported that Apple has sent out the invitations for the event recently. The motive and the song "Let's talk iPhone," which decorate the invitation, are clearly more than hope and make us a great keynote about the new iPhone generation. Additionally, Apple is expected to be the Golden Master version of IOS 5 and icloud distribute to the developers.

The event starts next Tuesday at 19:00 our time and is the first time held in the Town Hal on the Apple campus. The song "Let's talk iPhone" could be an indication of the Assistant exclusive function of the new iPhone generation. We will inform you timely of further information and of course rumors and offer a live ticker during the event.

We can therefore look forward to an exciting press conference, which will hopefully surprise us.


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