Thursday, September 29, 2011

Four new iPhone and iPod touch have appeared in Apple inventory management

9to5Mac have once again received information from its internal source of Mr. X. This time there are four new iPhone - or iPod touch models, which have emerged in the internal storage of Apple management. The two devices are based on the code name contains only marginal changes, and presumably the subject of the upcoming iPhone event on  October 4th.

First, three new iPod touch models have emerged in the storage system and are marked with the code name N81A. Of the current iPod touch 4G, the code name is N81, so the A points at the end of the code name indicates that the device has only minor changes. This makes it back to three different devices this is, could the capacities of 8, 32 and 64 GB to remain the same. The A-extension could also stand for the new white iPod models that have been around for some time for discussion.

In addition to the iPod touch models include two new iPhones popped up with the code name N90A, inventory management. Currently 4 carries the internal name of the iPhone and N90, the extra A could also refer to minor changes. Two devices with this code names are written in the storage system, which probably represent the two colors. It is very likely that this is the suspected 8GB version is intended that as an affordable entry-iPhone for sale. The same procedure was handled already with the iPhone 3G.

It is very unlikely that this is the iPhone, which will be presented on Tuesday by Apple. Because that was previously codenamed N94 in the iOS 5 SDK discovered. It is is a major update, as the above models.


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