Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire: 7-inch Tablet with Android for $199 officially launched

After the first rumors to own Android-tablet from Amazon and the announcement of the event if it was today, Amazon , the 7-inch set has Kindle Fire  officially introduced. Particularly noteworthy in this case is probably the price because you want to just 199 U.S. dollars lie, which shows that Amazon (obviously) again aims to make the real profits with selling content.

Technically, the Kindle Fire in fact is a sheep in wolf's clothing (yes read that right) because if you hear first Android-Tablet is expected more than the device has to offer. Thus, neither a 3G module is present, a camera and a microphone is completely missing. Fortunately, very few are 30 days Amazon Prime membership included.
The 7-inch display from Gorilla Glass is based on IPS technology and offer a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels at 169 ppi. The approximately 414 grams heavy device is powered by a dual-core processor and is equipped with 8 GB internal memory. The battery life is indicated as 8 hours and at connections are a microUSB port and a 3.5mm jack exists.
Moreover, it is like all purchased content automatically in the background and includes unlimited storage space in the Amazon cloud. Previously, there was not a word used to Android, Amazon has rebuilt the entire surface and the apps so hard and adjusted to take these hardly appear in a known form. There is no access to Android Market, but only to the Amazon Appstore.


The known advantages of the Kindle are again available, so each device has a unique e-mail address by which you can send content directly to it. In addition, you can of course continue to use content platform-independent, which means that it contents as the one on one buys iPad, of course, also on Android or other devices using a Kindle reader available. But even if the fire comes to Europe, is still unclear.

Amazon has not only announced the Kindle Fire, but another version of a keyboard-less eInk reader called  Kindle Touch  presented, for just  $ 99  hike over to the virtual counter. In addition, the device also comes in a 3G version, which costs about $ 50 more, but includes $ 50 for "lifetime" 3G traffic in 100 countries.

Even without the normal Kindle screen was somewhat restored and is now starting to have for $ 79.  


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