Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Facebook iPad App Launch in iPhone 5 Event- iOS 5 Facebook Integration

In the last week of the f8 conference took place from Facebook and many iPad owners have been waiting for the announcement of the native app iPad of the social network. Unfortunately, the wait was not rewarded and we still have not seen a drawing of the app.Mashable  , however, have reported yesterday that Facebook's long-awaited Apple iPad App for same event on 4 Will publish in October.
 At this point, Apple will probably introduce the iPhone 5 or / and the iPhone 4S. In addition, a completely revised version of the iPhone app and an HTML5-based App Store will be made ​​available.

Why the Facebook app iPad has been delayed for so long, could be on the relatively poor relationship between Apple and Facebook, it is additional competition from Google Plus seems to have forced the social network to publish the app.

With the new mobile operating system from Apple, the social network Twitter will be integrated into system-wide IOS 5th This integration will now be carried out for Facebook, because of the colleagues  MacRumors have alleged the publisher of such an implementation will receive. So far, we could find no evidence in the previous Beta versions of IOS 5 and neither Apple nor Facebook have spoken about this in more detail. Apple but also offers an SDK framework that can be developed with the additional integrations. Therefore, Facebook could very easily incorporate a system-wide feature in IOS 5th

These screenshots are identical to the existing interfaces of the Twitter integration, so this could have been faked very easily. It is also interesting to note that the information from Mashable on the same day were published, where the lead developer of the Facebook app has terminated iPad. He admitted that he left Facebook, the social network because his app has not been published, although it was completed in four months.



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