Monday, September 12, 2011

Apple will release iOS 5 GM Vewrsion in the next 2 weeks

While the general public in the event we are waiting to officially announce in September that the final version of iOS 5 and the iCloud service , according to recent reports Apple will launch the Golden version Master of iOS 5 GM in 2 weeks. This version is the pre-final and is aimed at developers to polish the final details of the final version of the operating system.

There are also reports that Apple is counted as manufacturing and 150,000 units of iPhone 5 a day on their assembly lines in China ... and the software as we are close to reaching their latest compilation very soon.
According to the latest publications Apple Insider , Apple plans to launch the Golden Master of iOS version 5 sometime between September 23 and September 30. It is expected to launch the final version by mid-October, as well as 5th generation iPhone.
The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, recently revealed that the mass production began in late August iPhone 5 and iPod Touch unit and programmed to receive the latest version of iOS 5
Keep in mind that these units must await the final version of iOS 5 GM to be sent as a final product and the dates that are increasingly close to this happening.


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